Shoe Care

You have invested in a new pair of shoes and of course you want them to look box fresh for as log as possible. Therefore to help maintain the appearance and to prolong the life of your Base London shoes we strongly recommend the following shoe care:

  • Regular use of ScotchguardTM Protector spray will help to guard against staining and water penetration. (NB. Important. Please note - a protector spray will not make the shoes waterproof.)
  • Wet shoes should always be left to dry naturally. Never by artificial heat.
  • The use of a shoehorn will prevent damage to the backs of your shoes. The use of shoetrees will maintain the shape of your shoes when not being worn.
  • To prolong the life of your shoes, it is advisable to alternate wear between two pairs of shoes.
  • We recommend to not wear your leather shoes out in the rain / sleet / snow - or any wet weather in general. This can cause damage to the leather materials.

Leather Soles

Leather soles are a natural product which offer you, the wearer, a breathable, flexible sole. Because of its porous nature, a leather sole will let in water. For this reason we do not recommend that they are suitable for excessive outdoor use. After a period of time the soles will wear away, even under normal conditions, making it necessary for the sole to be repaired.

Leather Uppers

Leather shoes need regular cleaning and care with wax polishes (or shoe creams). Select the closest colour to your shoes - if in doubt use a natural shade. Before cleaning ensure the shoes are dry and remove all surface mud and dust with a damp cloth. Bare in mind Hi Shine Leather will only required to be cleaned with a damp towl/rag and followed by a wax with a wax treatment of the same colour as the shoe. 

Nubuck Leather And Suede Leather Uppers

Due to the fine nap of this leather, extra care should be taken when cleaning. Gentle use of a suede brush with a nubuck/suede cleaner will remove most stains. Please note - nubuck and suede leather cannot be entirely colourfast. Base London Ltd regret that they cannot accept a complaint once their shoes have been repaired. Your statutory rights are not affected.